A lot about the lot


Student parking in someone else’s spot.

Max Bienvenue, Hour 1

Imagine the bell has just rung at the end of a long day. You and 1500 other students need to leave? Some have to go home, some have to go to work, tensions are high, and cars are whizzing by.

How do the other students feel? What can you do to stop the madness? What does security think?

Students experiences 

All of those questions will be answered, starting with how the students feel. According to, two current SPASH students with multiple years of driving experience. Mason Christie, a senior said, “He has been rear-ended twice as well as backed into once.” This comes down to inexperienced and careless drivers. Sam Zeuge and Mason said that there should be more than two exits. They said, “you have to be the first person out otherwise you have to wait like 20 minutes.” This is a problem because people try to cross traffic on their way out and then slows everyone down. Mason and Sam also had very strong opinions on parents being in the parking lot, more explicitly dropping their kids off in the student parking lot. By not using the drop-off loop they add to the confusion. Sam and Mason said there is no place for parents to be there especially at the start of the day as they are exiting while we are trying to enter, which causes more congestion.

What You Can Do

Here are some ways to prevent getting in avoidable accidents. According to Jayne Ubi from (Drive Safe Ride Safe), some of the best ways to avoid accidents are to back into your spot. Chayse Walter a SPASH student says ”I always back into or pull through my spot so when I leave it’s easier.” Another thing you can do to stay safe is aviving before the rush, and stay a safe distance behind other people in the parking lot. I believe these are all good tips, especially the backing into your spot because in my personal experience of two years I’ve never been hit or hit someone.

Security’s views

Have you ever wondered how security views the student parking lot? I asked a security guard Lance Lewis the same questions I asked mason and sam to see if there was a disconnect between the students and the people in charge. Lance said that he feels the students are responsible in the parking lot. I’d say for the most part that is true but not always. In response to me asking about the flow of the parking lot, he told me it’s a little congested but it works. I would have to agree with him. In response to me asking about parents in the parking lot, he said it’s a good thing because they are more responsible than the average student. I would agree with that, but I personally believe they do make harm than good. 

To conclude, we don’t meet eye to eye with security. This should change, we need to be on the same page so we can make positive changes to help us. Until then it’s up to you and me to prevent accidents. We all need to do our part to make our parking lot the best it can be.