What are SPASH Students doing after Graduation?


Students walking the hallways of SPASH (Image taken by author)

Zach Anderson, Hour 1

Every student has to deal with the stress that comes with thinking of life after high school. Most high school students already know what they’re future holds for them, but there’s still a few who have no idea what they’re going to do. 

The majority of high school students have a set career in mind as they’re nearing their final years of high school. Troy Pallen, a junior at SPASH, wants to pursue life as a master automotive technician. Will Gargulak, another junior at SPASH, wants to practice the ways of a lawyer. Abby Conklyn who is also a junior at SPASH wants to have the title of ultrasound technician.  While none of these students have the same career choices they all have one thing in common and that’s the thought of college. Most students want to go to college but don’t know where or for how long. Will Gargulak says that he wants to go to a “ four year law school that’s somewhere in the state to save money.” Similar to Will, Abby Conklyn says “ four year college but don’t know where”. On the other hand though there’s students who don’t know if they’re going to college or not. Troy Pallen says “ maybe tech school, if so most likely two years at midstate”.Another student in the same boat as Troy, Chandler Pallen, a junior at SPASH says “ I’d say I plan on going to college, maybe two years, maybe four”. Although it might seem like these students have their future figured out, that’s not fully true and they didn’t just come up with these choices.It takes a while for someone to figure out what they want to do with their life, people you talk to who know what they want to do didn’t choose that career yesterday.

They most likely thought about it for a very long time. Although Troy, Abby and Will know what they want to do, there’s still the question of what do you do if you don’t know what you want to do after high school. Chandler Pallen said “ No clue yet” meaning that while Chandler does want to go to college, unlike the other students Chandler doesn’t have one specific career in mind. In the end four out of four students interviewed all said that they thought of multiple career options meaning two or more before taking about a year to really consider one specific career. If you have no clue what your future has in store for you  that’s okay because you have time to figure it out, what someone wants to do now might not be what they want to do after going to college for a year. People can always change their minds.