High School: The Best or Worst Years of Your Life


Sam Wagner

High School has many ups and downs whether you’re popular, or well not. Some might say it was the best few years of their lives, others may have different opinions. To some, High School is just school, it’s nothing, to others it’s a time to spend with friends. A time to figure out the future.

Best Experience at SPASH

Now if your popular or simply just existing through High School you’ll have some pretty good experiences at SPASH, like Carl Keck “My first year of football, even though we didn’t do well I met new people, kind of like an introduction into SPASH,” or  Victoria Betro “the musical I joined, as well as the adventure leadership class camping trip I was fortunate enough to go on. The people I met built many new friendships I still carry to this day.” Whether it’s Football or a musical or maybe adventure leadership you will have some good experiences and those can lead to lifelong friendships. Some people have grown as a person because of a class like Jack Biggs “Wisconsin river academy, It was a very fun class and it helped me grow as a person.” Others just like it to like it like this anonymous student “The dances,…”

Worst Experience at SPASH

With good there is bad, with everything good at SPASH there will be something bad like Carl Keck “Having to do art at home in 10th grade.” or Victoria Betro “when all classes went online due to COVID-19. I didn’t know how much I struggled with self motivation to do school work, until that point.” The worst part about the last few years has been COVID-19 shutting everything down. It definitely didn’t help with doing school work from home.

Favorite/Least Favorite Part of SPASH

Now of course we all have our opinions on what we do and don’t like, especially about school. This anonymous student likes “The  freedom and the muffins” but doesn’t like “mean teachers and e-learning” and that’s totally understandable not everyone has to like everything and I don’t think anyone likes mean teachers. Carl Keck likes “the new lower commons” but doesn’t really not like anything. Victoria Betro likes “the class selection” but doesn’t like “the amount of homework they give.” They shouldn’t have to give that much homework if they teach it properly. The only time we should really be getting homework is when there is a project or when we ask for some extra help and with that help the teacher should clarify what the student is concerned about then give them one or two pages of homework depending on the subject.

What does the future look like for you?

The future can be scary but High School is a time to figure that out. Such as what college do you want to go to? Do you want to go to College? What will you major in? Jack Biggs plans to “work for a diesel mechanic shop” whereas Victoria Betro says “I don’t know where I see myself in 5 years.” Which is perfectly fine, you don’t have to know everything right away. Carl Keck plans to be “In College” and anonymous student also wants to be “In college, chasing my dreams.” Sounds like you have things down to a tee when it comes to the future.

High School in a Sentence

Victoria Betro said “quite the ride” Agreed, High School has ups and downs but the ups are the greatest thing in the world and the downs aren’t terrible but not the best. Jack Biggs said “haven’t had any amazing or terrible experiences.” I guess that’s good. Anonymous student says “A time of figuring out what I want out of life.” Makes sense, High School really is a time to think about what you want in the future.

Advice for Incoming Students

Some advice for the new guys. 

“Utilize the Career Center and Start scholarships early” -Anon. Student

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help” -Carl Keck

“Put effort into staying on top of [your] assignments” -Victoria Betro

“Get the required classes out of the way, so then you can have a better senior year.” -Jack Biggs

Y’all are some wise people even if you don’t think you are. A piece of advice from the writer, just go with the flow and get your assignments done, take classes in the field of study you’re interested in, it will give you a bit of a head start when thinking about college. Good Luck.