Teen Distraction

Teen Distraction

Jakob Glodowski

Distractions are a big thing in life but it really can effect teenagers. There are so many distractions these days that can happen at school, home and work. This can put a big effect on students education.

There are many distractions that can happen at home, a few of them are electronics, friends, social networking etc. electronics can play a big role such as video games and phones. Friends can also cause distraction because of the peer pressure and rather hang out with friends than do homework. SPASH junior Tyler Sankey says “ I often am distracted by my phone but still get my homework done on time”.

There are also many distractions at school in the classrooms. A few of these distractions are classmates talking, lateness, technology etc. “ People being tardy to class doesn’t affect me but i do notice it does effect some” said Tyler. Eating in class can also cause people to be distracted by the noise of rappers and chewing. Also technology can play a big role because of the opportunity to play games and other things on the school computers.

There are a few ways to minimize distractions such as having a designated area with a desk to work, having a quiet area to study and even listening to music. SPASH junior Tyler Sankey says “ i have a desk where it is quiet so i can have a good place to study and it seems like it really helps me not get distracted by other things like my phone.” Studies show that this does help minimize distractions among teens.

In conclusion, this could really help SPASH students study and help them get there grades to where they want them. By following some of the techniques showen in this is scientifically proven to work.