Social Media Use During School Days!

Mai Moua Vue

A teacher is teaching the class while the students are listening or on their social media.

Have you ever wondered how many students use their social media throughout the school day and not focus on school work? Students have been using social media since the first day of school and during class time. Some teachers are fine with it, but some are not. Examples of social media they use during school days are Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Messages to text their friends or other family members and to read information about the school and the world. 

Students Use Social Media During School Day

Students use social media during school days in class. 93.3% of SPASH students surveyed report that they use social media while in school and 6.7% of the students answered that they don’t use social media while in school. Students use Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook, Gogoanime, TikTok, Whatsapp, Text Messages, Discord, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit to communicate with people or friends. They check out important information and post stuff or use it to fill time when teachers are done with their lesson for the day. 42.4% of students surveyed report that they don’t use social media in class while 57.6% of students use social media in class. It is interesting to note that 19.3% of the students use more than 120 mins, 7% use less than 5 mins ,  8.8% mins use 5-10 min,  8.8% use 10-20 mins ,  29.8% use 20-45 mins,  7% use 45-60 mins and 19.3% use 60-120 mins during school days. This data shows how many minutes students spend on their social media during school day. Fo Koua Moua, a SPASH junior said, “Sometimes I use social media in class. I use Youtube and Reddit.” In other words, throughout the school years, students have been using different social media during class time even in the middle of class. 

Positive Effect On Students

Social media can have a positive effect on students throughout school days. Social media can help teachers and students work together by learning about each other. As well as asking for help on school work or telling you what you need to meet your goal throughout the school years. Social media can let you have a meeting with your teachers and friends. Social media can bring students and teachers’ relationship ever closer and accept social media during school days. For the most part, teachers accept social media because it can help them by having fun and learning together with their students. Social Media is a part of their daily life while at school or home. Overall, students on their social media during school and home are important because it can bring everyone closer and chat about their day going. 

Teacher’s Observation

Teachers think that social media is bad during the school day because students cannot focus on class work. Ms. White, a agriculture, small animals/Vet science, SPASH teacher, believes that students shouldn’t use social media during class time; they can only use it during the end of the day and during lunch and off hours. After all, students should focus on their school work during class time and use it during free hours. Ms. White feels disappointed or frustrated because students don’t follow the lesson during class.  If they do all hours then it will be a problem because teachers will email the parents or the administrator. Therefore, students should focus on the lesson, not their social media during class time or their work time because they don’t know what assignment or project; they are doing in class. Ms. White notices that students are on their social media an average of 25% and have lower grade levels than upperclassmen. In this case, students should work their hardest to have a better grade and behavior well during class. Ms. White wants students to stop being their social media in the class for semester 2. Overall, students should stop being on their social media for semester 2 so; they can have a better grade and use their time wisely. Like, use social media during their off hours or also during lunch hour.  

Negative Effect On Students 

Social media can also have a negative effect on students throughout school days. People start to blame social media because students cannot get their attention away from their phone during school day. For example, students text their friends and their girlfriend or their boyfriend during the school day. Fo Koua Moua notices that some of the students use social media during school day in class. He also noticed that all the classes he has; students use social media during  class. Similarly, most of the teachers see students on their social media per day for 5 days of school during class time. For example, most of the students don’t pay attention to what the teachers talk during class time. Still, students should use their free time and an off hour on their social media. When the bell rings, they walk to their next class in the hallway while on their social media. Above all, walking in the hallway and looking at their social media and text at the same time will make them dump together and have to go to the health office or their next class like no problem at all or normal walk. 

Teachers & Students think Alike 

Teachers and students have the same idea when it comes to students using social media in class time during school day. Fo Koua Moua and Ms. White notice that students should use their time on school work wisely to get their stuff done on time before their homework due day. Above all, they should focus on school work rather than later to finish their homework or projects for different classes at school and home or when you come back from your job.  

 In conclusion, students shouldn’t use social media during school days; only use it during off hours or during lunch time. Teachers want them to stop being on their social media during class time because it is hard for the teachers to lecture the students while they are on their social media. Moreover, teachers also want to make sure that students know what to do and have better grades to graduate school to be successful adults with future jobs.