Perks of organic farming

Jakob Glodowski

Organic farming is a natural way of producing products without using any sort of chemicals or by-products. There are many different products that come out of organic farming such as plants and animals. There are many different types and pros and cons of organic farming.

 The market for organic farming has grown 80% since 2015 with the US having one of the largest markets for organic products. “The organic market has kept growing larger every single year since 2015 and is expected to keep growing,” says Sara from Greentumble. Australia is the largest producer of organic products in the world to this day with it taking up 22.7% of there farming land.

From the organic products there are many benefits of them to the human body and the world. All farm based products are non GMO which is not genetically modified which in return is healthy for the human body. Also, the work environment is healthier for the farmers because there is never any sort of chemicals introduced into any of their fields or products produced. With all this it is healthier and comes with more flavor because nothing is modified or put into these products.

With all these benefits that come with there are still a few downfalls of organic farming.  The cost to start an organic farm compared to an ordinary farm is much more expensive because of all the extra equipment and help needed to produce these without putting any chemicals in. There is more work involved overall because there is no use of any chemicals or any other products and takes work by hand to get the fields to the condition it needs to be so the plants are healthy and edible. There are many marketing challenges because of the higher prices

Most important is that the organic way of life could change the way that the world is functioning and make people healthy by not using all the chemicals and GMO products. Not everyone in the world will be organic but it is a great way to get healthy and stay healthy. It also helps with the environment by not using chemicals.