The Future is Here

Damian Cejka

Here’s a picture of a Porsche Taycan Turbo, an electric car, which has the best overall performance rating According to Bill Gates, EV, and CleanTechnica. CleanTechnica is an organization that has a sole purpose of dealing with direct news related to clean energy and electric vehicles. Bill Gates, a software engineer and developer, owns a Porsche Taycan and bought his car with the best electric vehicle performance. The primary designer of the car, however, is known as Michael Mauer who is one of the most famous German automobile designers. CNBC(Consumer News and Business) news and EV also tag along with Michael Mauer and his development with electric vehicles.

Picture this: Earth’s resources are depleted, consistent hot temperatures scorching our lands, and food completely dried out without the ability to produce or grow more. This is the path that our future is currently heading down. The continuous production and emission of harmful gases is starting to affect Earth’s atmosphere at dangerously high levels. These gases: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, are all produced from our vehicles on an everyday basis.

 Now the evolution of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence is upon us. According to the covid year EV(Electric Vehicle) Outlook organization, there were 7.3 million electric car charges produced worldwide. Additionally, all levels of the government globally, have full support towards starting this evolution of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence. Cars will be the main intention with this evolution, however, heavy-duty trucks, trains, air-transportation vehicles, and seaport transportation vehicles will also be taking on this evolution process. As of right now, Earth is at a tipping point at our own fault due to our daily lifestyle. We can not keep running away from this problem. The evolution of electric vehicles and transportation systems is now essential for our planet’s sake. 

Safety of Artificial Intelligence

The most important reason driving the initiative for electric vehicles, deals with the safety of artificial intelligence within these vehicles.  The artificial intelligence within the electric vehicles will be far more advanced compared to an average human driver. According to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, “The neural structure of silicon cameras will be 10 times safer than the average human driver.” Elon Musk stated this information while being interviewed about his latest development of electric cars and what they have to offer. 

The neural nets, within the silicon cameras, contain the same structure and foundation of vision neural nets which are obtained in every human being. Again, according to Elon Musk, “Autonomous driving can be achieved entirely by vision neural nets.” Vision neural nets of humans is what makes artificial intelligence driving possible. Artificial intelligence will then be able to take away human errors and perfect the vision of driving. 

The graph above displays how the increase of production for electric cars continues to rise at a greater amount each year. This information is supported by Mathilde Carlier, who is a research expert in covering electric vehicles, transportation, and logistics. Mathilde Carlier has also worked with EV on certain aspects regarding electric vehicles and the markets relating to electric vehicles.

Reduction of Harmful Gases

Not only does the evolution of electric vehicles make driving safer, but it also plays a huge role in making sure Earth’s atmosphere is safe. The transformation to electric vehicles will greatly reduce fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, and other types of harmful gasses released into the atmosphere from our current vehicles. EV Outlook is an organization that directly shares statistical information of sales, charging station production, electric vehicle production, cost analysis, and many other categories that contribute to the evolution process. During the year 2020, EV Outlook stated, “Electric vehicle benefits include zero tailpipe emissions, better efficiency than internal combustion engine vehicles and large potential for greenhouse gas emissions reductions when coupled with a low-carbon electricity sector.” 

Additional support to the EV Outlook comes from Elon Musk and according to him, “Software will shape the features of the automobile industry.” Meaning everything within electric vehicles will be technology based, so computer programming, computer procedures, and anything related to electrical based sources. Electric vehicles will have no harmful gases to burn because of their electric and computer build up. 

Depletion of Earth’s Resources Overtime

Another major point is that Earth’s resources will eventually burn out and deplete if we continue to use our current transportation systems. According to Victor Cejka, former United States Marine who currently works for CN(Canadian National) railroad, believes that, “In 30 years, 70% of our population will obtain electric vehicles because we will eventually run out of oil. Earth’s resources will continue to deplete over time unless we make a change. I also believe there will be new forms of transportation available other than electric vehicles.” Victor’s last statement of other and more advanced transportation systems, comes from his experience of also being a mechanic for four years and as an integral member of a reconnaissance unit in the United States of America Marine Corps. 

Victor also states that Canadian National has already started it’s evolution process. “We are already transforming because our trains have diesel-electric engines. Not all trains have made the transformation yet because it’s a new beginning process.” Sooner or later, Victor’s company will be completing the full evolution process because of the great success they’ve had currently. 

Sooner or later, humans are going to have to adapt to this change whether we like it or not. Earth won’t be able to survive much longer because it will run out of resources due to our current way of living. The evolution process was already supposed to be taking place, however, many events around the world, such as Covid 19, ended up putting a hold on the process. 

Overall, the world is going to change, it’s just a matter of time and how humans go along with the change. If more humans resist, then the change will occur more slowly, however, they will find more struggles throughout their everyday life. Adapting is going to be the key to success within this evolution process. Earth needs it and so do humans because it’s the future of our population.