Running is for Everything

Llarandi Cantoral-Paz

Running is not just for physical health, it’s also for mental health. Running helps with a lot of things  for physical and mental health. Many people think that running is for  exercise but others think it’s for relaxing and it  helps with mood,  anxiety and self esteem. Scientists point to the importance of exercise that raises your heart rate

Running is good for your physical health  and helps with your bloodstream. Studies say that it’s good for you and helps with bloodstream There other ways like riding or bike or dancing too. According to Teen Health and Wellness. Studies show that aerobic exercise actually changes your brain chemistry. An article by Teen Health and Wellness Studies shows that aerobic exercise actually changes your brain chemistry in a  good way.      

Some scientists  think that medications  are better than doing therapy or exercises.  but it depends on the person if he or she has time for it. According to Teen Health and Wellness.  Others  think that work including massage  therapy, music, and art are better than taking medicine..   

Emma Paz,  young woman in Wisconsin, said, “In my opinion I think it’s good for both but for me it’s more mental health  because when I run I don’t run for fun I run because I want to get things off my head. And it helps because I overthink too much.”