A Principal During COVID

Yemmi Del Valle Chavez

Principal, Jon Vollendorf

On December 31,2019 the global pandemic started to appear in the United States and then schools were starting to close. Principals were trying to find new ways to communicate with their students.

According to Education Weeks article, “What Principals Have Learned from Covid-19 Stress Test” by Denisa R Superville, “students are getting really wonderful instruction from their teachers, but they’re missing out on those key components of learning, like the turn-and-talk, the collaborative experiences, the critical analysis of each other’s answers, and I really do think that social-emotional piece is key.” In other words students are getting help, from their teachers but the only things that they are missing are interacting with other students 

According to the New York Times article “Are we losing a generation of children to remote learning?” by Ginia Bellafante, This principal is taking  supplies to students “so that the experience of distance learning would not feel like a joyless trip to a strange place, without an itinerary.” Furthermore Superville writes principals are helping students and teachers. 

In this case the principal is helping the students and the teacher by sending them whiteboards, notebooks, pencil and others so that they can keep up with their classes. By doing this the principal is helping the students that they can’t afford the material.

Furthermore Bellafante writes of how “Principals said the pandemic forced them to find new ways to interact and communicate with parents.”This means principals had to find new ways to have their students back to school but in a safe way because they don’t want their students to get covid. The different things that principals have done at school are dividing students and teachers into distinct groups, attendance, and grades.

In conclusion, principals are helping students with materials that they can’t afford for example, notebooks, pencils, folders, and chromebook. When principals are doing their best by helping students but the only thing that they are missing is socializing with other students, and teachers. Principals found new ways to have students back to school by doing social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing.