Cruel Way to Entertainments

Doua Yang

CW: This article includes depictions of animal cruelty that may be upsetting to some readers.

Are dog fights enjoyable? Well to me it sounds more like animal cruelty and abuse.  Not only is that an opinion it is true.  On Tuesday, Robert Stevens who is an owner of a business called, “Dogs of Velvet and Steel,” would be up for hearing in The Supreme Court for animal cruelty.  No animal should be put to fight against its will purely for human entertainment, well I don’t find it entertaining, to begin with.

After finding this out, a thought instantly comes to mind saying this is wrong. Stevens, who is the owner of the Dog of Velvet and Steel, deserved to be in jail even though he did not participate in the actual dog fights.  What is so wrong about this is that, not only is the animal physically getting hurt, the animal can come out as aggressive.  This can lead to many other problems as to attacking people out of content because that is just how they are raised to do, is to fight.  His providing a place for this kind of animal cruelty and telling people that this is an ok thing to do is so wrong on many levels.  Like yes, pets are your companions, to keep you company and to entertain but this sort of entertainment does not sit right with me especially the forceful fighting.

Again he did not participate in the actual dog fight however he provided the place and environment to do so.  As The New York Times had said, “He did not participate in the attacks personally, but he was charged under a federal law that makes it illegal to sell depictions of acts of animal cruelty that are themselves illegal in the state where the depiction is sold.”  To me, he is participating in this because he is selling the videos of the dog fights to earn money so technically he is guilty and not as a person who just sells depictions of acts of animal cruelty.

Not only do people take part in dog fights for entertainment, but there is also another animal cruelty that is extremely disturbing to the eye that people take as entertainment also.  For example, people sexualize dogs and other animals even record themselves doing it.  Yes some may not conclude the animal getting hurt but some do, “There are people who enjoy watching animals being tortured and killed. There is also, the federal government’s brief says, a market for “crush videos,” in which women trample small animals with their bare feet or while wearing high-heel shoes, images that some viewers are said to find sexually arousing.” (The New York Times)  It is scarring to know that people reach the extent of a sexualized relationship with their pet.

Some people would argue that they are merely just an animal what is so wrong with this.  That animal’s right is not absolute and this is an ok behavior, “Rights are not absolute and can be overridden in certain circumstances” (Warren)  Committing animal cruelty for money is ok as long as it is for a living and earning for survival.

Forcing animals to fight against their will for a profit of a living cost. Human should be allowed to do so, “Human rights are stronger than animal rights because people are at least sometimes capable of being moved to action or inaction by the force of reasoned argument.” (Difficulties With the Strong Animal Rights Position”) Human rights should come first hand because we can be moved by actions.

Not only does animal rights matter, the safety of both humans and animals matter.  “Studies have shown that violent and aggressive criminals are more likely to have abused animals as children than criminals who are considered non-aggressive.” (Peta)  By allowing humans to gaslight an animal right and to continue abusing them. The same behavior can be carried out towards other humans.

This just shows that animal cruelty is not ok, no animal should have to be abused for entertainment and sport purposes.  No one should be buying pets for exotic videos that over-sexualized an animal to gain profits. Animal cruelty should become illegal because this kind of behavior can lead to many other problems not only towards animals but for us too!