Masks Third Spectrum

DeShay Anderson

Being a customer service worker during this virus has been tough but, have we heard what they have to say about how they feel? How do they enforce the masks? Do they follow what the CDC says? With the thought of giving people some insight, they would completely understand how we function and how we prepare for this virus and how we take control. But the real question is, do you believe it is true? But, after asking 3 different businesses the same questions, we got different results completely. Will this change your mind?

Lenient. Masks for this business is it required or optional? “We don’t. We leave it up to the individual. ( anonymous said) If a customer comes in with a mask we greet them with a mask but we don’t mandate the mask guidelines.” What does this work do about positive cases? “Our work had another person who is always in close contact with the first individual who tested positive get tested, even though the second person had no symptoms. The second person came back with a positive test as well. We paid them to quarantine. The company also let everyone else know that if they had been in contact with those individuals and got a test, if the test comes back positive, they would also need to take two weeks off paid. Even though a few others had symptoms, that MAY have been covid related, no one else went to get tested.” But the famous question, Have they turned away a customer? “No, we have never turned a customer away because they were not wearing a mask.” All businesses may refuse and have different regulations that cosign with the mandate.

Moderate, middle. This is what most people can agree on. This is also how McDonald’s keeps their customers happy and their workers happier. “We try to enforce our rules very strictly but still make it a fun environment to work in.” A manager at McDonald’s said, “Giving people opportunities to take off if needed and help threw this time.” Every workplace has had at least one employee test positive. “We have had 2 people out of 50 frequent workers get covid. We try to keep everyone calm and we make them wash their hands and change face masks( if they are wearing a provided one from work)as well try to enforce the 6 feet distance as much as possible.”  even for each environment, it can be stressful. “Yes, we have a family-like team, so it’s hard to go see others and not worry about our team. When someone gets covid or is in close contact, we notify everyone they work with that day in their designated area and urge them to go get a test and quarantine, but we can not force them to stop working. We ask anyone else that day if they were in close contact with them for safety measures.” People believe a moderate system will help people fall back into the system, or should we instead go to the extremes?

Extreme. This work, Staples follows the mandate to a tee. “We may not turn down customers for not wearing a mask.” crystal a worker at staples said, “If a customer enters the store without one we will let the manager know and the manager will make contact the customer. The manager will try to provide one to the customer but if the customer refuses. We will just provide the customer with help around the store.” Even with not being able to turn away customers, they still had their scare for covid cases. “One person tested positive at staples. This person tested positive after everything opened up again, but not too long after. When the sales manager, who is second in charge at staples, found out the associate tested positive and had exposed the store, he didn’t let the associate know. It was closed and fully cleaned and sanitized later that night and reopened the next day.” their store follows the mandate for every word, but the only thing different is they can’t turn people away. “It is mandatory for all employees to wear masks. For customers, it is also mandatory to wear a mask. If a customer comes in without a mask, however, a manager will let them know that masks are mandatory, and will provide them with a mask.” I know it’s sad that even with all the regulations and the mandate we can’t do anything and even with how strict some businesses are, they have to follow what their corporation says.

Being a worker in this pandemic is very tough. I understand that completely. Each worker had their own thing they are going through because they have strange jobs. Everyone’s family and friends are affected differently too. It’s not just the workers, it’s everyone, Everyone works, Everyone has their own struggles through this pandemic. So helping people with their jobs, please wear a mask and help support local businesses. And with what’s all been said, let’s help make our world a better place by thinking about what you do and how it’s going to affect someone.