Digging Deeper for the Sake of your Roots

Victoria Pizzello

When was the last time you celebrated a tradition?  People must reconnect with their roots for the sake of tradition and culture. 

Tradition plays a very big role in culture. Traditions from different cultures were formed from our ancestors many years back, they even could’ve been made currently. According to SPASH Junior, Doua Yang, he commented on the topic saying, “My perspective on traditions is that it is something special to your people that has been passed down for centuries.” Tradition is more than celebration; it is about comfort, and the feeling of belonging. It brings family and friends together in more ways than one. It is an anchor people can count on for a reminder of who they are. 

Another person who contributed to the importance of maintaining tradition is Paola Herrera, she said, “I believe tradition connects us with our roots and it’s crucial to find your own identity. I believe traditions draw a window to the past.” When I think of tradition, I think of the past. I think of people sharing and cherishing memories from tradition and passing them to younger generations so they could make their own memories. It’s like holding onto something special and making it live on forever. It can be a dance, a song, or even watching a movie with your family for the holidays. 

I asked Doua Yang, a SPASH student, what his favorite tradition was and why, he stated, “ have seen a lot of traditions back in Thailand when I was growing up, I can’t name them all but I can tell you two of them, Hmong new year and Loi Krathong.  My favorite part of Loi Krathong was when you make your own organic boat and decorate it with flowers then let it sail off down a stream pond whatever that is water and make a wish.”

Most people, especially teens, want to fit in, they don’t like to stand out. Tradition is and should be a very important part in your life. Society has reduced the importance of tradition. Social media provides a way to be caught up in trends, and usually people follow them. Nowadays people don’t want to be different, they want to conform with others and not be noticed. Uniqueness is perceived as a bad thing, and social media makes most people feel like they should always belong. It is okay to be different; it is okay to be who you are, and when it comes down to it, tradition shapes who you are and who you will become. That is why it is so important.