Attacked for Being Trans

Doua Yang

This is a photo of Busanet knocked out by the attacker, Callway.

In Los Angeles there was a crime reported several hours after an attack at two A.M.  Three trans women were attacked for simply being trans.  Allen, Busanet and Estrada were the three victims of the attack in Los Angeles.  The three girls decided to have a night out shopping when they were approached by a man named Carlton Callway in a black tank top.  Itescalated into the man forcing Allen to take off her shoes and  hold his handsto prove that she is a real woman; if not he said he would shoot her.

This attack on the trans girl was led by a single man forcing one of the girls to do things such as taking off her shoes to straight up mocking and physically attacking her. Allen explains in an ABC News interview written by Karma Allen, “He held a crowbar to my face and threatened to kill me unless I stripped my shoes off and gave him my jewelry and all my procession.,” Not only did he force her to strip, he proceeded to rob her in front of strangers who did absolutely nothing to stop him.

As a police car went by, the attacker then came back and knocked Buanet to the ground and stole something from her.  As Busanet  explained to the police, “He hurled hate speech at the women, who are also transgender, and hit Busanet over the head with a bottle, knocking her to the ground, according to police.”  After he forced Allen to strip off her shoes and all, he then found her friends and knocked Busanet in the back of her head, later it was announced that he hit her with a bottle of some sort. This caused her to pass out for a couple of minutes as Estrada screamed for people to call 911 to help them, but no one did.

Not only were they attacked and mocked on the streets by the attacker, but bystanders allegedly stood there laughing and recording.  As the video of the attacks has shown,  ABC News reported, “Callway then allegedly threatened Allen with a crowbar and robbed her.” Not only was the girl attacked, mocked, and insulted by bystanders and the attacker, some of the people went so far as to throw bikes at the girls.  After Allen was robbed she still had her purse which was empty at the moment because she had been forced to give up her possessions.  A bystander then came up to her to ask if he could hold on to the purse for her while she chased the attacker down the streets to get her stuff back.  As the car came the bystander shouted out for her to get in the car as he was still holding her purse laughing.

This is a photo of Callway the attacker who allegedly knocked Busanet down to the ground then proceeds to robbing her.

The reactions of the bystanders was by far revolting. Instead of helping a person they chose to join in the attack by being verbally abusive towards the trans girls.  In one of the bystanders’ videos an anonymous guy said, “That’s a straight tranny, is that a Shim?” As Estrada was trying to find her phone after her purse was stolen that nigh, a guy started screaming, “ I ain’t the one, you got the wrong B-word.” He then grabbed a hold of a bike and threw it at one of the girls.

This event happened because of the hate towards the trans community and the lack of caring about LGBTQ rights. While the girls were attacked you can see in the video that people literally do not care and were talking about joining the attackers and how they would have attacked the girls.  As Busanet said in a video that the school guidelines had blocked, what she said was that people were actually mad that she was not dead and that she was alive.