What Plans does Joe Biden have for the United States?

Oliver Groeschke

After a few days of a tense and controversial election, the Associated Press has called the presidential race and declared that Joe Biden has defeated President Donald Trump. How will the transition between these two presidents with different beliefs affect our country? Joe Biden may do some good things for the USA, and he may do some bad things. It really depends on what you think is good or bad. 

Joe Biden will repeal a series of executive orders that Donald Trump created as soon as he gets into the position in January 2021. He has some laws that I think will be good for the country. According to the Washington Post, Biden will reverse President Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, rejoin the Paris Climate accords, and will send a bill to Congress repealing liability protections for gun manufacturers, and close background-check exceptions which will help decrease gun related problems, because gun manufacturers will be more careful with selling guns to people and will do better background checks since they will be liable if their guns are used by people to do crimes.

There are also laws that I think will not be good for the country. According to the Washington Post,  Biden will repeal the travel bans from some Muslim-majority countries, and allow children who were illegally brought to the country to stay in the country. Trump’s ban on travel is currently in place against fourteen nations, including Iran which is in a conflict with the United States as of today. According to an interview with Evan Pfeffer, a senior at SPASH, “Deporting individuals to countries that they have not lived in for years will negatively impact them and goes against everything our country should stand for.” which is true, although this will definitely encourage  people to bring undocumented children to the United States. This might not have a very positive impact to the people, because everyone should go through the legal process if they want to immigrate to another country.

Since this country chooses its leaders from the votes of the people, it is the duty of the citizens to know the candidates and their plans well, and of course, to vote and let their voice be heard. If we do not like what our president is doing, whether it’s Donald Trump or Joe Biden,  we need to stay informed so we can voice our opinions when we vote. Also remember that not everything that happens in our government will agree with our opinions.