Reasons Dogs are Better Than Cats

Cameron Swinford

Imagine waking up in the morning and you have a cute furry friend laying right next to you. Then when you wake up they start showing how excited they are to see you by climbing on you and licking you. That is one of the reasons dogs are better than cats because what does a cat do to you in the morning, I don’t really think they do anything. 

Most people think that dogs are better than cats because the percentage of pet ownership in Wisconsin is 59% and 33.60% own dogs and 32.40% own cats. It is close but more people own a dog so they like dogs more than cats. According to Tammy Swinford, Accounting for three Culvers restaurants and a pet owner of two dogs  said ¨dogs are better than cats because dogs will listen better than cats.¨ She has been a per owner of cats to. Tammy also said “Dogs are way more active so you can go outside and take them for walks and hikes and fun outdoor activities.” 

But just because dogs make the better pet doesn’t mean that there are any bad things about them. Tammy says ¨the worst part about owning a dog is probably all the vet bills that you have to pay for them when they go to the vet and if you need something special done it is going to be expensive.¨ 

Just because  dogs are better than cats doesn’t mean cats don’t make good pets. There ar

e many pros about them. Some of the best parts my mom says about owning a cat are that they are very quiet which is good and they have a longer lifespan than dogs do normally do but my mom says those are really the only good things about cats. Tammy also said that she dislikes cats because they jump and walk all over the place. For example she had a cat where almost everyday she got home the cat was always on the dinner table or counter top. 

There are many pros and cons about both and the two main pros would be that dogs can tell if you are sad and they will come up to you and comfort you and for a cat they are very quiet you don’t even hear their nails on a hard surface and they don’t bark. The two main cons about both for dogs would be that the vet bills get expensive and for cats they like to jump all over the place.

So there are plenty of good things about both but I think that dogs take the win by a long shot. They seem to be just way better pets because they can be your best friend  and they always get excited to see you when you get home from school or just come home from anything.