Student Spotlight: The President Underneath

Olivia Schultz

A self-portrait of Shannon O’Donnell

What’s underneath that makes her a successful president? Shannon O’Donnell, SPASH junior/senior, was elected to be the class president of 2022. Many may know her, but what makes her a successful president for this school year? The many extracurriculars in which she’s involved in, including student government, and also her past experiences have shaped her into the person she is today. 

When asked how becoming class president has made her feel, O’Donnell responded,  “I was very enthused and inspired to make this year the best it can be given the circumstances.” The changes in the school year have affected many people and because of that, it will affect how much she can make this school year wonderful. Despite that, she is willing to give everyone and mostly herself the drive to make it a success anyway. 

O’Donnell is going to be a very successful president because she has been a part of the student government for a few years now. O’Donnell says, “I believe that my experiences in student government have turned me into the person I am today.” She believes that her involvement in student government has helped her succeed because of past experiences. Getting the opportunity to be involved for a while has benefited her by observing how to be a successful president. O’Donnell also says, “Student government and leadership have encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and reach my full potential as a leader.” She is explaining how the student government has helped her develop into the leader she is today. She gives her credit to the organizations she has been a part of. 

O’Donnell starring as the lead as Elsa with Playhouse Theatre

Many experiences she has faced or influenced in her life have shaped her into the person she is today. O’Donnell tells us “I do have to nod to my parents and their influence on my passion for leadership and music as a child.” Her parents have been the biggest influence on her and how she has become such a great influence on others. 

One influence in her life was willing to share her opinions on O’Donnell, Mrs. Pionek, SPASH choir teacher. Pionek has been teaching O’Donnell for about two years now. “I have taught many students throughout my years but Shannon has been one that has stuck out to me. She is a very special young lady.” Pionek explains how O’Donnell is a very outstanding student because of how organized she is, has a wonderful attitude, gets along with all kinds of students, can welcome others, and mostly her positive influence.

O’Donnell is one of the Kids From Wisconsin’s plays

Not only has government involvement assisted her to become the person she is, but her involvement in extracurricular activities has also benefited her as well. Playhouse theatre is a nonprofit local child theatre that she has been a part of for a while now. “Playhouse Theatre has inspired me to pursue a career in acting and musical theatre, but the leadership opportunities it has rewarded me with throughout the past few years has made me grow as a person and a leader,” O’Donnell says. She explains how being involved in the organization has supported her to become a great leader. 

After being elected to be the president of the class of 2022, O’Donnell has shown how she is going to be a great leader for the school. Her drive to be a part of so many organizations and being an honored student, make her the best fit for the job.