Upcoming November Events Happening In Town

Jeremiah Chang and

There are three events that are going on in November and it’s quite interesting. The first event is the Preparing For Winter event which begins at Schmeeckle Reserve on November 7th at 2219 N Point Drive from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. While outside and adventuring on a trail, a guide will be upfront and explain about the area and its surrounding animals. The cost will be free. Those that wish to go to the event need to register with the number of attendees to get accepted. They will reply back as soon as possible and will inform others what to expect later on. Explore how animals stash food and slow down to survive the harvest season. The event will also be hands-on and all ages are free to come. Masks are recommended and groups will be six feet apart from each other and the speaker will also be wearing a mask.

The second event that will happen in November is IDEA MUSIC: BARBARO. The event will begin on November 6th at the Plover Bandshell on 1831 Maple Drive. This event will be outside and everyone will be six feet apart from each other. Listening to live music will give attendees a chance to understand the music and speak with the artists to know more about the music they’ve written. The songs will be related to Halloween this month. The cost of a ticket will be $20 per person. The event is going to be a fun, but safe event, with an event cap of 50 people. Greg Wright, the Executive Director of CREATE and IDEA MUSIC, said “Almost everything has changed for CREATE during the pandemic. A lot of our work involves getting people together in person, so we have had to be creative to build community while following safety recommendations put out by public health officials.”

As an added challenge IDEA MUSIC recommends that the event will be a lower face masquerade party. Attendees must have it on at all times and bring their own snacks to make others jealous. The purpose of this event is to enjoy the live Halloween music and having fun. 

The last event DRAW is open for anyone with any abilities and style.. Learn new experiences and compete with friends with more practice and make sure to bring your own snacks. It is recommended that those who want to attend this event will need to be 18+ in order to participate in the drawing and to bring their own supplies to use. It will cost $10 to cover for a model. If one were interested in being a model, they could email CREATE and they will reply back with more information on modeling for DRAW. The purpose of this event is to have fun, explore, and learn more about DRAW. The event will begin on November 4th at IDEA Center on 1039B Ellis Street from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.