Greatest movie ever

Lionel Perkins


Many people are left with faces of astonishment after watching the movie 22 Jump Street. Throughout the movie you feel as if you are fully immersed in the action and adventure. The constant friendly bickering between the two main characters also adds a great comedy aspect to the movie which leaves anyone’s face in a smile. After watching this movie many times, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a serious laugh while following an adventure.

After the first 21 Jump Street the series is picked up exactly where it last left off. Officers Schmidt and Jenko were about to head off to college on a new assignment for their Capt. Dickson. While undercover in college Jenko took full advantage because he was the first person in his family to ever even go to college, even though it was not real. Jenko got noticed as a great asset for the MC State football team as well as being a perfect fit as a fraternity house alpha-male. Zook a fellow alpha, maybe the dealer Dickson is trying to bust. But after a few days Jenko can’t sure because he and Zook became best friends quickly. In contrast to Jenko, Schmidt finds himself out of love, and lost without his best friend and wingman until he falls for a girl named Maya who turns out to be a bad idea.

After a few weeks on campus Schmidt and Jenko visit two men in jail from the previous movie for information on how to look for the drug supplier, Mr. Walters and Eric. Walter notices a unique tattoo on the arm of the dealer in a photograph they show him and insists that if they find the tattoo, they will have found their suspect. While hanging out with Zook and Rooster, Jenko notices that Rooster does not have the tattoo but sees it on Zook’s arm nonetheless. Shortly after that Schmidt and Jenko are invited to join the fraternity, which led by the jocks but Schmidt refused. After a few more days Jenko finally reveals to Schmidt that he’s been offered a football scholarship and is unsure whether or not he wants to continue being a police officer. Immediately after this, Schmidt moved out of the dorm and Maya finds out who he really is.

Spring break finally arrived and Schmidt was ready to go after the “Ghost” alone. Jenko asks the Captain if he can help so that the two can have one final mission together before he quits. The two head to the beach where Ghost is likely to be dealing drugs. When at a bar, they find out a girl named Mercedes is Ghost’s daughter and is giving instructions to other dealers on campus. The partners who were backed up by Dickson ambushed a meeting and start to chase Mercedes and a few men. Somehow Mercedes is able to handcuff Dickson and take him hostage while still being chased by Schmidt. After a fistfight with Mercedes Schmidt gets held at gunpoint by her, but Maya sneaks up behind her and knocks her out. Schmidt goes to help Jenko who is on the roof of a building in pursuit of Ghost, who shoots Jenko in the shoulder. Ghost tries to escape in a helicopter and Jenko jumps to it but struggles to hold on with his injured arm. Schmidt decides to take the same jump, causing the two to fall into the water, but not before Jenko is able to throw a grenade into the helicopter which kills Ghost.

When the couple is back on land, Jenko tells Schmidt that he still wants to be a police officer, and the two hug and make up in front of a cheering crowd. Not only did the movie captivate its audience it also left them on the edge of their seats. I think this movie is a must-watch for anyone that has parents that will condone it.