Florida Vacation

Larson Lewis


Life in Wisconsin can sometimes get a little cold, and while that can be enjoyed for most of the year it’s always nice to have a break. Many times we just want a vacation to get away from life and there are many places that could be but there is one that is the best. That break is the sunshine state of Florida.

Florida is a state many like to spend their spring breaks in and is probably the number one vacation destination in the country. There are many reasons for that such as the weather, the ocean, and Disney.

With the many Disney parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy whether it’s the rides or seeing your favorite movie characters. Disney is why many people go to Florida and is another reason why it’s great.

With such a great state there are so many different cities. Orlando and Miami are both very popular and yet very different.

The beach is a highlight. No matter who you are you will always find something to do there. With the hot sun and the cool breeze, it is a perfect combo. You can lay on the beach and get a nice tan or play catch with your friends. The fun continues into the water where you can surf or just go for a nice swim.

Florida is by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean so there is a good amount of marine life to be explored. You can visit aquariums or go fishing. Land and ocean animals make it the perfect place for people who love nature.

When you in Florida you’re probably going to get hungry and Florida exceeds expectations with its wide variety of fresh seafood. Many of the local restaurants have the best food.

No matter what you look for in a vacation or what you like to do you can always find something in Florida. Florida is the best vacation destination because of everything it offers and the wide variety of things to do it makes it the best.