Health in time

Erich Vanblargan


Time is the most important aspect when creating a healthy body and mind. Although time may not seem like something that can be connected with health that can not be more untrue. It is with our time that people can dedicate themselves to mental and physical health.

Many people hint at how time is the most important element when trying to get healthy. One of the more notable people who has done this is Laura Vanderkam.  Vanderkam is a writer, author and speaker who has written over a dozen novels, many about time management.

Some people think they have to shape their schedule around time, but it is a choice to use time effectively or not.

Vanderkam said, “Time is highly elastic. We don’t make room for time. Time will stretch to accommodate what we put into it,” which gives people great power to escape from stress or more efficiently plan how to use time.

Vanderkam stressed that people have the power to put time into the things that they prioritize like work or fitness.

Although it may be hard for some to complete their priorities first it is extremely healthy for the mind. It plants the seeds for long term satisfaction and people can manage to live how they want to without extraneous stress.

Vanderkam reminds listeners, “When we focus on what matters we can build the lives we want in the time we got.”