Yearbook deadline coming to a close

Larson Lewis


The yearbook is a time capsule that holds many of the familiar faces of high school. It’s something everyone looks forward to.

Yearbooks highlight the good in high school with different events and clubs showcased.

Up until a few years ago, the students at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) didn’t get their yearbooks until the following fall.

Now students receive them that same school year. With this change, there is a more strict deadline with time constraints.

Ning Lee, a student in the yearbook class said, “Editing and getting it approved can result in it not being done when it needs to be.” The earlier deadline makes it harder to make.

The yearbook is full of everything including sports teams, homecoming, clubs, and Red and Black Week. Getting pictures of all of these can be a bit of a struggle.

With time counting down they are working to get the yearbook out to the school.