School trip becoming a tradition

Kenny Schultz


The Tuesday, March 3 field trip for all SPASH sophomores to Mid-State Technical College (MSTC) in Wisconsin Rapids and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) may help students decide what to do after high school.

This is the second year this trip is available.

“This field trip absolutely made up my mind when it comes to my plans after college,” said Nathan Strasman, a SPASH junior who went on the field trip last year.

This field trip to MSTC and UWSP is designed to help sophomores figure out what their path will be after high school. “It is a great experience and if someone decides not to go, they will be missing out on key events that will shape their future.

“My favorite part of this field trip was at MTSC when I got to learn how to change my tires and I raced someone else to see how fast I could change them. I will never forget that moment because it was so fun and enjoyable,” Strasman said.

If a student is deciding if this field trip is worth going on they should know that it’s only designed to benefit them for their success in life after high school.

“I believe everyone should go on this field trip because it’s really exciting and fun to be with your friends and check out different possibilities for your future. Almost everything you do at MSTC and UWSP is supposed to entertain you and I loved every minute of it,” Strasman said.