Behind forgotten doors

Erich Vanblargan


Hidden away in the tech department of the Stevens Point Area Senior High you can find Daniel Strobel. A man who almost has more heart than body Mr. Strobel is the instructor for both the Welding and Small Engines classes provided at SPASH.

Strobel came to SPASH 26 years ago and started his career as a teacher due to his passion for educating children.

“I always enjoyed working with kids and summers off even though I taught summer school for 25 years. But I always enjoyed working with kids. I always got along well with them.”

Although the Stevens Point Area Senior High has changed, Strobel still remembers how the tech department used to be. He remembers the number of teachers in the department, the students and their environment in the classroom.

“Well, there were 11 teachers in tech ed. There were a lot of kids in tech ed who had a solid work ethic. There was a lot of freedom for the students and they had a good learning environment.”

Those who know Strobel also know of his passion for the trades and how much he values them in our society. Strobel is always talking about how even though trade jobs may be blue-collar jobs they are just as important if not more so than the white-collar jobs so many strive for. The prosperous life that one may have doing these jobs and the debt will be lessened by the necessary schooling.

“I know the trades right now, they will always be in demand. No machine can be programmed quickly enough to do the jobs a welder does along with the situations that they may encounter.” And there are rewards. “Welding also has a lot of financial opportunity and success to it. You can purchase an automated welder but it can never do the job a human can it can never learn, adjust to difficult positions quickly or even work in confined spaces. Even if it can, it will still need a human to operate and fix its work.”