Iverson Park, a place loved by many

Larson Lewis


There are a few places that remain iconic with the city and its history. One of those places in Stevens Point is Iverson Park, a place loved by many year-round.

Iverson is a perfect spot for people of all ages in the summer. The beach is an excellent place to cool off in the hot summer heat and be sure to use the rope swing. Three lodges are also available for rent and they are perfect for any gathering.

The gifts that Iverson Park offers don’t end in the summer. Since this is in central Wisconsin we sometimes get more snow than we ask for and that’s great because you can enjoy it at Iverson Park. It has three sledding hills with one just for snowboarding and there is also a cross country skiing trail and an outdoor skating rink and on top of that, there is a 300-foot toboggan slide.

Iverson is a memorial park for Jules Iverson after he donated the land to Stevens Point in 1935. It is one of Stevens Point’s oldest parks and is still one of the largest.

There is something else Iverson offers that isn’t man-made and that is the vast diversity of wildlife. There are turtles, crawfish, fish, birds, and much more. There are 200 different species of birds to be seen on the trails.

Stevens Point is known for its wonderful water, wildlife and nature and Iverson Park certainly adds more credibility to that. Iverson remains one of the most visually appealing parks in Wisconsin.

What makes Iverson so special to the Stevens Point area?

Dan Kremer the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Director said Iverson is so special to Stevens Point because “Iverson is very popular right now and what it came from is even bigger. During the Great Depression, the WPA was a big thing especially in Stevens Point and part of it was made by them. When you talk to your parents or anyone who has lived here for a long time will tell you of their stories and the fun they have.”

Kremer said the reason why Iverson is such a popular spot year after year is that “People love what it offers. No matter what you like or what you are into there’s something for every single person. It really is a wonderful thing that we are able to attract so many people in two different seasons. It’s great to see the people outdoors enjoying nature.”