Bill’s Pizza is like family

Kaitlyn Flanagan


Bill’s Pizza was built in 1958 and is located in downtown Stevens Point. They are a popular place that a lot of people enjoy. Many people go there to enjoy the great food and enjoy each other’s company. Bill’s Pizza is a wonderful family restaurant.

 They have a delicious menu and something for everyone, especially for those picky eaters. Bill’s Pizza is most known for its delicious pizza and the Italian roast beef sandwiches.

The people who work at Bill’s Pizza treat their customers like they are family. The workers are always ready to serve and help the guests that come in. Their hospitality is great, the service is fast, and the building is always clean. Everyone loves everyone there and it really builds positive and strong relationships. 

Bill’s Pizza is a family restaurant not only for the guests but also for the workers. They all have such positive relationships with every single coworker and enjoy the presence of each other. These are the type of people who will share the good and the bad moments with each other. They are caring and sweet people who have become very close. 

“Having coworkers who become your best friends and loving you like family is a very special thing at Bill’s,” Kenzie Zificsak said.

“Bill’s is like family, everyone is always kind and caring. I love being there even on my days off,” Zificsak added. 

Every place has its ups and downs and really the only bad thing that the employees deal with is having no customers when there is a day with bad weather. 

“I would change the closing times in the winter. When it is cold out not a lot of people come in and so that forces us to basically sit around for hours waiting to close,” Zificsak added.

Many people would recommend Bill’s Pizza because they have delicious food and great service and treat their customers like family so try it in the near future.