A window into Whelihan Glass

Brian Kraege


Have you ever noticed how easily glass breaks? A small trip and a phone drops onto the carpet and it cracks, or glasses get scratched from setting them on the table too hard.

Glass is pretty fragile, so how would one deal with a cracked windshield or a window accidentally broken? The most obvious answer would be to call some big company that charges big money, but why do that when there’s a better choice that everyone knows by name?

Whelihan Glass, a glass repair shop on 2541 Patch Street in Stevens Point, was started in 2012 by Todd Whelihan. It has quickly grown in name and business, which specializes in glass repair for auto, residential, and commercial.

“I used to work at Precision Glass and Door and you know I just fell in love with my job, I wanted to keep doing it and I like going at my own pace,” Whelihan said.

Why does this matter? There are a lot of student drivers in Stevens Point which means that there are plenty of drivers that don’t have much experience and while most are pretty responsible, minor collisions can be common so there’s a chance at cracking a windshield.

Not only that, but small rocks and hail can easily chip a windshield and when that happens why not have a trusted community member come and fix it for a reasonable price?

“It’s a lot like a family, everyone around knows us, we’re just like neighbors who happen to fix glass for a reasonable price. The community has been really accepting and it makes helping them feel pretty good,” employee Thomas Whelihan said.

Various reviews from customers have called the business “friendly, caring, and professional.” Still not convinced? That’s fine, but just remember that emergencies are always unexpected, and it is good to have someone trustworthy when the time comes.