Spring training comes to a close

Liam Glennon

The Mirror reporter

Spring training started mid-February, and for many fans of baseball is signifies the start of the year. For Andrew Firkus, a sophomore at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH), it means a new year of family traditions and tailgating.

According to Firkus, baseball is the best sport. He claims it takes more dexterity, finesse, and strategy than others. He likes how all of the players need to be good at every aspect of the game.

However, he thinks spring training is a waste. “It’s a waste of money and time. I understand they need to warm up for the season so they don’t break anything, but the tickets are too expensive,” Firkus said.

One of the biggest appeals of spring training is its ability to get fans closer to the players because the stadiums are smaller and the tickets are less expensive.

This year the regular season is opening sooner than it ever has. On March 28, fans all over the country will flood stadiums as all 30 teams will be playing on that day.

Firkus’ favorite player is Bryce Harper who recently moved from the Pedros to the Phillies after 13 years. Other fanatics like Firkus will be watching their favorite players and teams closely.

The first ever European Series from the MLB will take place between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees at the London Stadium in London, England. The league’s intent is to make baseball widespread in Europe and to include baseball series in the Olympics.