The importance of English


The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point Area Senior High School ( SPASH), has a variety of staff and teachers who contribute to student education with patience, understanding, and more importantly pushing students to be successful individuals.

One of those teachers is Crystal Holmbeck.

Holmbeck was born in Wausau and attended the Point school district where she later graduated from SPASH. Like several English teachers, Holmbeck understands the complexity and the constant changing of English literature which creates a struggle for many students in both communication and writing.

SPASH offers different English classes for students who want to challenge themselves through the AP courses, and students who look for the creative and laid back side like Literature and film, Writing for Publication, and American Literature.

Holmbeck acknowledges that “English is not all student’s forte.” She believes writing, grammar, and communication are skills each student must develop and acquire in preparation for college and in everyday work.

For numerous students, English is a scary subject. As a teacher, Holmbeck knows how to break those barriers. Her motive is to encourage her students through writing. One way she accomplishes this is working with each of her students one by one, and looking at each of her students writing capabilities.

As an English teacher for 18 years Holmbeck, believes communicating with her students to create a lesson is a great tool. She says this way she receives ideas and input from her students on how they learn best and what she can do to better present her lessons to them.

Holmbeck stated, “I want my students to be good at writing. They’re not going to master at it, but they are going to be confident in their writing.”  To her, the best part of her job is seeing students learn and grow in her class. At times, it might get hectic but progress and confidence in her students writing beats all of that.