Daily Dose for Jan. 23

SPASH: SPASH holding color run event

A “Color Run” event will take place on Saturday, April 6. The primary goal of this event is to raise awareness for people who are fighting cancer in our community. All funds are given to the Marshfield Clinic Cancer Center. The event is an un-timed event where the participants wear white clothes and different colors are poured on them throughout their run along the Green Circle Trail near SPASH. Anyone can participate in this event although participants 10 and under need a guardian to run the event with them. All participants above 4 years old will have to pay a $25 fee. The Color Run also has an after party where there will be dancing, music, and color throws. (BN)

SPASH: Applying for Early College Credit Program

Students can apply for the Early College Credits Program (ECCP) on Feb. 1, for summer both college and high school credits. The guidance counselor will have more information. This helps you make sure you know what you want out of your post-secondary schooling (GW)

STATE: Newly inaugurated governor delivers first state of the state address

Governor Tony Evers gave his first State of the State Address Tuesday, Jan. 23. His topics covered everything from bipartisanship to the lawsuit against the ACA (Obamacare). Education is one of his most important issues. (LG)

INTERNATIONAL: New accomplice to El Chapo’s 2015 prison escape discovered

El Chapo, a well known Mexican drug lord, escaped prison in 2015 with the help of numerous others but new evidence has led to a startling accomplice. According to ABC News, his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro aided in freeing El Chapo from his cell. She was able to use secret messages to allow her husband and sons to communicate with each other. In the end with strategic coordination, he was able to dig a way out through the shower in his cell.  (AS)