Airsoft is played all over the country and among many other counties. It is the sport were people use military simulation in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Airsoft has been around since the late ’80s. Like most sports in the world, it’s also constantly changing. As more years go by, the popularity of the sport keeps growing.

Airsoft is a big sport. I talked to two former Stevens Point Area Public School District (SPASH) students, Morgan Benton and Damien Davis who have been playing airsoft for quite some time. They help give us a look into how airsoft is played.

How is airsoft played?

Morgan: It is generally a group of people in a field or arena that just play the games. They all just get tighter and decide what to do like there are many game modes you can play like team death match where there are two teams that fight and its first one to get a certain amount of points to win the game.

Damien: Or like capture the flag or pretty much anything people want. You can even create your own game mode if you would like.

How popular is it?

Damien: it’s getting quite popular. It’s a lot bigger and popular in the warmer southwestern states than it is up north. It’s also bigger in a lot of other countries like Russia it’s really big in.

Morgan: Yea the popularity is definitely growing. Hopefully, it gets more popular up here in Wisconsin.

What is the general type of ages you see playing the sport?

Morgan: Pretty much a lot of teens and young adults I have seen. I have watched people who are in their 30 almost 40 play

Damien: yea the ages are pretty much twelve, thirteen and up.

What do you need to play airsoft?

Morgan: Well an airsoft gun for starters. They are generally the most expensive piece of equipment you will get. They come in many different varieties and customizations.

Damien: Also eye protection is important and you can also have helmets, glove, padding, pretty much anything to help reduce injury. But it can all be quite expensive for all the gear.

Is it very completive?

Damien: Oh most certainly. It is very competitive especially in Russia with all the events they do out there. It’s also can be very fun and relaxing. But yea mostly competitive.

What is your favorite thing about airsoft?

Morgan: Just probably getting to go out and play with a group of friends and meet new people and just having a fun day.

Damien: yea I have today to just hang out with friends and just enjoy the sport with them.

Airsoft is constantly growing in popularity and in many locations. It is a fun and easy sport to pick up and might be worth it to try.