Tech Lounge

Mirror reporter Aiden Price

Imagine a place where someone can go to sit down and play almost any video game and at the same time drinking coffee. It would be a great place to go and this coffee shop/ tech building is real. It is located downtown and it’s called the Tech Lounge.

At the Tech Lounge for just $3, someone can play any video game in stock (except virtual reality) for one hour. For $20 customers can play there the whole time they’re open. If wanted they can also play VR for one hour if they pay $5. To top it all off, on Google Reviews it has 4.9 out of five stars.

“I was born and raised in Stevens Point, there wasn’t any outlet, so a tech lounge coffee shop would make it a fun place, and the focus was always gaming,” Chad Fisher, the owner of the Tech Lounge said.

“I think it’s a great place to relax and play some games on counsels you may not own,” SPASH student Cecelia Kedrowski said. People go to the Tech Lounge to relax and get away from stressful times. The Tech Lounge is very casual in its gaming, people can play competitively, but they don’t have a competitive team.

“The Tech Lounge opened 10 years ago,” Fisher said. Before the Tech Lounge, there wasn’t much to do in Stevens Point. The biggest thing was a bowling alley and some arcades that eventually closed.

“I was going to go to graduate school, but had some money set aside, so why not?” Fisher said. Now the Tech Lounge is a small place downtown people love.

Is this establishment for everyone? That is a big “yes”. The Tech Lounge has over 50 games for any type of gamer. The games range from Online Shooters, Role Playing Games, couch gaming, sports, and more. It’s the place for people to go to and play games with or without friends or family.

From of all kinds of games to good drinks, this is where to take a family or group of friends to hang out. Their prices for the time and food are very fair, so head on down to the Tech Lounge.