Let the countdown begin


The Mirror reporter

We all know what time of year it is. With only a few weeks left of school, everybody is anxious and ready to begin their summer.

This year’s seniors will have their last day on Thursday, May 25. The rest of the students at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) will finish Wednesday, June 6.

Students have many thoughts about the end of the year and when asked about the summer and the end of school here is what people had to say.

Junior Caitlin Miller said, “I can’t wait to be able to sleep in every single day!”

“I am really excited for the last week of school. Finals will suck but I can’t wait. I also can’t wait for all the parties in class,” junior Destiny Matuszak stated.

“I’m excited for the warm weather, kayaking with my friends and family, and all the campfires that I could possibly have,” Brenda Varga, food service cashier, said.

“This year was so much fun, I made a lot of friends and I can’t wait till next year,” sophomore Greta Turner-Zick said.

“I’m really excited for school to be over so I can work more, I’m excited to be earning a lot more money,” junior Tolya Zutz said.

“I’m excited for all the possible adventures that summer has to offer, you never know what will happen,” family and consumer’s science (FACS) teacher Brett Lesniak said.

Both staff and students are ready to leave, start sleeping in, spend more time with friends and family, and so much more.

However, there is still some time and with this, remaining opportunities to experience. Some fun activities for students include attending a wide range of sports games, music concerts, and graduation.

“I’m so excited to graduate from this school. It’s been a lot of work, it’s been stressful. Yes, I had some good times and made some great friends but I can’t wait any longer to get out,” senior Braydon Engebretson said.

“I’m really excited for the summer. I’ll be graduated and working all summer… I can’t wait to start school at Mid-State next year,” senior Bryanna Windsor said.

“This was my first year at SPASH. I made some good friends and I’m extremely excited to graduate. It’s been an interesting year and I’m ready to leave high school behind me,” senior Andromeda Brown stated.

With only a few days remaining students are advised to push through and finish their work. Nobody needs to be a super senior or start retaking classes now.