Daily Dose

April 9, 2018

National News: A Tennessee man who is currently on the run, posted a Facebook confession on Sunday, April 8, describing how he fatally shot his mom and a friend in East Ridge, Tennessee. Casey James Lawhorn posted a video  stating, “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about murder, wondering what it feels like, but I’ve barely felt anything.” Lawhorn immediately fled the scene, passport in hand. He called the local police department and reported the murders. On Sunday night he made another post, “Since so many people keep trying to reach out to me on Facebook, I figure I can just say my piece once here and be done with it. Before I start, I need to emphasize that I take full responsibility for my actions. Nothing anyone has or hasn’t done to me caused this, my decisions and my failures are my own. Technical Details: This morning, at around 01:30, I shot and killed my mother (Vi Lawhorn) and a close friend of mine (Avery Gaines) with a stolen .22 LR.” Lawhorn was last seen in Dane County, Georgia, driving a gold 2002 Ford Taurus.

State News: Late snow has brought many cancellations and delays for sports in Wisconsin. Half of all outside sporting events have been canceled or postponed due to the weather. Some of the sports this affected include track and field, baseball, softball, soccer and tennis. Having these cancellations can lead to crammed schedules later in the year. Making up these games gets tough and players end up having games five or six days out of the week.

Local News: The Stevens Point annual trivia contest will be underway this Friday through Sunday (April 13, 14, 15). The trivia theme this year is ‘Trivia Rush of 49’ because it’s the 49th year. Trivia goes on for 54 consecutive hours. The seven main sponsors of trivia are The Stevens Point Brewery, The Pineries Bank, Portesi Pizza, Skyward, Wisconsin Potatoes, Ascension and Sentry Insurance. Each hour, eight questions are asked over the radio. Teams have the length of two songs, approximately five minutes to find the answers and call into the station. Each question is worth between five and 500 points. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the contest.

SPASH News: SPASH Jazz band, led by Brad Schmidt, will host their annual jazz night Tuesday, April 9 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the SPASH’s auditorium on 1201 North Point Drive Stevens Point. For seniors, this will be their final jazz concert of the year. Some of the students in jazz are also in the regular band who will have one final concert May 23. ?