Are high school students being worked too hard?


The Mirror reporter

High xchool can be a very stressful time for a lot of students, but I don’t think most students know what the actual purpose is for all of the work that is given to us.  I would say that the main purpose behind all of the work we get is to prepare us for what college will offer us.

I personally do not think we get as much work in some classes as we should because quite frankly in college you will have more work with less time to do it and a lot of students won’t be prepared when that happens.

English teacher Amanda Sweet had some definite ideas about this issue

“I do not think that high school students are getting worked too hard. I do think that the social demands and the cultural shift due to technology have changed how high school students cope with a workload.

“I would also say that students have more of a demand in the community, extracurricular, family (at home), and in their own workplaces which has made it harder for them to complete work.”

Sweet added, “I would say the biggest issue with work completion and time though is being distracted by technology. I am finding that many students simply do not use their time wisely in class or outside of class.”

There are some solutions to this. It seems that the main cause of the problem is the amount of technology being used during the school day. Now either cut back the amount of technology being used or cut it completely.

“I have very high expectations for my students but am also flexible with deadlines. I understand that students have a lot going on and need some understanding. I think that they do need to be held accountable, but that we as teachers should have supports in place to help students succeed.” Sweet said.