The family that keeps SPASH presentations afloat


The Mirror reporter

Stage Crew is the backbone of any meeting, presentation, or performance that happens in SPASH. Stage Crew may sound like it’s only for people who want to work in theater, but Stage Crew also takes care of graduation, Mr. SPASH, and several meetings in the school.

The Stage Crew isn’t made up of just people who like acting. As a matter of fact, a large number of folks in Stage Crew aren’t actors at all.  Members have joined for reasons such as friends in Stage Crew or the music department, or love for doing things with technology.

Member Morgan Benton said he “enjoys theater, hanging out with performers, and being part of how things work.” He added, “I’m afraid of the stage but it’s a way to stay close.” To him, the importance of Stage Crew is to “learn and adapt.”

Stephanie Sandal, another member, who joined in the eighth grade, said she “wanted to be a part of something bigger” and she “had friends in the music department and Stage Crew was a way to stay close.” She also added that more people should join.

Many members have become friends through their work, or have grown their friendships more through time.