It’s not your father’s gym class


The Mirror reporter


SPASH is well-known for their athletics, but what may be lesser known are the unique gym classes they offer for all students, competitive or noncompetitive.

Adventure Leadership is a gym class that features many particular activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing and the ropes course.

This gym class is not for the faint of heart and is tailored to those who are not only adventurous but also team players.

Although only open to seniors many students are still excited and interested in taking it when they reach senior year.

Mitch Stewart said, “I’m really happy I took this class this year. I’m having a lot of fun while participating with everyone and trying all the different activities.”

Strength and Conditioning offers students in any grade the opportunity to learn the basics of durability and training.

The course not only promises quality workouts but consistent assessments of health and strength.

Lifetime Recreational Activities and Fitness is a class that provides more leisurely activities but also require skill.

This class features bowling, ultimate frisbee, golf, tennis badminton, volleyball, and other activities that promote a more mild way to maintain good health.

Madison Eggers said, “Taking this gym class was really cool because we got to try so many different activities and compete against different teams which was a lot of fun.”

In contrast, Lifetime Activities and Fitness provides rigorous activities that can be enjoyed with friends.

These activities include rock climbing, bowling, yoga, cross country skiing, disc golf, and many fitness activities which include using the fitness rooms.