Sexual allegations against Kevin Spacey


The Mirror reporter

By now the news has spread that highly renowned actor Kevin Spacey has faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault against men and even minors.

The first person to come out with these claims was actor Anthony Rapp who, on October 29, said Spacey made sexual advances towards him at party in 1986 when Rapp was 14 years old and Spacey 26.

After Rapp came out about his encounter with Spacey, others followed suit including cast members from the show House of Cards which Spacey was the star on. One member even accused Spacey of sexual assault.

Following the scandal, Spacey has been cut from the upcoming movie directed by Ridley Scott, All the Money in the World, and the actor announced on November 1, he will seek treatment and evaluation for his behavior.

“There’s definitely some truth with the accusations against Kevin Spacey in my mind. He also did not deny it which confirms to me that he did do something involving sexual activity. I don’t think it would be fair, however, for me to say some of these claims are made up but I hope those people aren’t accusing Spacey for personal or financial gain,” said social problems and psychology teacher, Pete McAdams.

Stevens Point police officer Adam Wachowiak said, “I personally don’t know enough about the topic to give a completely accurate opinion, but from what I’ve heard there is definitely some truth to the supposed sexual misconduct that occurred since Spacey isn’t really denying it.”

The allegations against Spacey occurred around the same time actor Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault, and the conviction of Congressman Anthony Weiner for sexting with a minor. In videos posted discussing these events, people commented saying it is the “beginning of the end of Hollywood,” or “now Hollywood will crumble.”