Computer Science students create their own projects


The Mirror reporter

Since the beginning of the semester, Katherine Kaster’s Introduction to Computer Science class have been working on their “20 percent project.”

Kaster said the project was a semester-long assignment in which students spend 20 percent of their class time, or one class period per week, working on a project of their choice.

There are a few catches, though. The project has to be some type of technology-based learning and it cannot be something the students have completed before. Students also have a $20 limit for any parts they might need.

Every Friday students must explain to the teacher five things they did and if they worked or not. Students also are expected to explain what they hope to accomplish the next week and if they have any impediments that are keeping them from moving forward, such as needing a part.

Junior Ger Lor said, “I love that this project gives me an opportunity to use my skills and create a project that is fun to me.”

Junior Seth Reinward explained, “I love that this project allows me to show my abilities and thinking process to create a tool that will be useful to me.”

Kaster has seen some interesting past projects. For example, students have turned a laptop screen into a stand-alone monitor, demonstrated various ways to access computer programs, and even used a raspberry pie to create Christmas light show.