To learn and to give


The Mirror reporter

I want you to think for a second about all the things you have in life: the people, the material possessions, the opportunities, and life itself.

It’s natural for humans to complain when they are either unsatisfied or annoyed. But do we complain too much and too often? As much as I’d like to praise the human kind, it saddens me to say that I do believe we over-complain about the littlest and the biggest things.

I believe people don’t give much appreciation to the many positives we have in life. I myself, am one of these people. Appreciation is something that should be done daily.

What is appreciation? Appreciation is the act of recognizing the value of something.

There are many aspects of life we need to be appreciative towards and they might be the littlest or the biggest things in life.

We should, first, be thankful for our parents. I understand there are certain life situations that can happen, but we should to be thankful for being brought into the world.

Another thing I believe numerous people need to appreciate is education. Most of us strongly dislike school, but it has given us many opportunities such as making new friends, learning about diversity, joining sports and clubs, and of course, chances to advance in our academics.

We need to start appreciating the fact we are able to open our eyes every day and breathe. There are some people in this world who don’t know when their last breath will be or if they will be able to wake up the next day. It’s truly the little blessings that matter the most in life.

Why should we show appreciation especially when we don’t feel appreciated ourselves? Well, I truly believe showing greater appreciation to others really makes a person both grow and glow.

Showing appreciation helps a person build their self-esteem, it motivates people to do better, it shows people that you care, it makes people happy, and it makes people appreciate you more.

When you show more appreciation, you are more likely to feel appreciated.