November 16. Time for your Daily Dose

NATIONAL: Fast Company reports that Muslims have been attacked more often in 2016 than 2011. The information comes from Pew Research who created their data based off of the FBI’s hate crime statistics. The number of reported assaults against Muslims was 217 in 2016 versus the 93 reported assaults in 2001.

STATE: According to the Associated Press the minimum age for this year’s hunting season has been lowered to 10, if they’re in the mentored hunt program. It’s also said that because of a two percent decrease in last year’s hunter participation, there’s a spike in deer population. Because of this the state is no longer requiring hunters to attach tags to their kills however, they still have to carry the tags and their license with them.

LOCAL: The Kmart store in Stevens Point is coming to an end with their closing sales. City Council members have said they have seen a plan for building new housing for community members and UW-Stevens Point students.

SPASH: The Blood Center of Wisconsin will hold a blood drive at SPASH Nov. 22, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Donations will be going to Ascension St. Michael’s Hospital.