The dangers of sitting


The Mirror reporter

No amount of exercise can counter the dangerous effects of countless hours of sitting according to a team of cardiology experts.

The average American typically sits six to eight hours a day. Students spend eight hours a day sitting in class and by the time they get home and they are ready to sit on the couch with their phones.

Long periods of sitting are now known to increase one’s risk of anxiety, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Even though one can simply take breaks from sitting, it is not enough to curb its negative impacts. The cure relies on sitting less.

Stevens Point Area High School Nurse Sarah Castleberg said, “That is definitely a part of our culture. Are we getting 30 minutes of exercise a day? Are we meeting nutritional requirements and all the food groups?”

Castleberg also recommends making an effort to find time to exercise everyday and added having a friend to do it with provides more support.

SPASH also offers a variety of sports to join with friends or bond with teammates.

Castleberg adds, “You have to think about in the long term, teens live in the moment.”