Benefits of dancing


The Mirror reporter 

Many people well argue that dance is not a sport, or that it’s not physical enough. But talk to someone who participates in dancing for fun and you’ll hear otherwise.

Many dancers do it because it’s a great way to relieve stress. They also get to tell a story through the way they move and the looks on their faces. “My favorite part about dancing is how well you can tell a story with the movements you are making. Ballet allows a person to be in touch with their ‘inner self’,” said dancer Rayna Bushéy.

Dancing is as much a sport as it is a way of expression, it’s a form of art. Like painting or drawing, practice makes perfect. It’s something people spend their entire lives doing.

Dancers Alysandra Smith and Caitriona Quirk perform here in Stevens Point. Photo Courtesy of Katie Hojnacki

Dancing is something that helps people deal with their everyday stress. From learning the dances, spending time with friends, getting over one’s fears, to actually performing. Some dancers say that they are always nervous before a performance but the minute the music starts playing it all goes away. Even the way they get ready for shows has its benefits that can be used anytime. “Most of our prep before the show is drinking lots of water and doing forms of meditation like breathing and pacing,” said Bushéy.

Being physically fit has a lot do with one’s ability to dance.

“Being fit matters a lot because it helps keep stamina for an entire routine and it helps with proper alignment and technique,” said Chloe Bancker, another dancer. “Being fit not only helps you like not die while running but also gives you the ability to do incredible things. Dance is not easy as it is, so being fit helps the dancer not struggle as much,” said Bushéy.