Sophomore Lane gone for the year



The Mirror  reporter

The ability for students to park vehicles on Prentice Street has been taken away this year due to the construction being done east of Stevens Point Area Senior High.

A new Sentry insurance office building is being built on the corner of Prentice Street and North Point Drive. Because of the construction, Prentice Street, which is also known to SPASH as Sophomore Lane, has been closed for the school year.

Having this street closed causes more students to have to pay $25-$50 for parking passes for the school parking lots or not drive their vehicles.

Sophomore Austin Folan said, “Having to park in the parking lot is a big pain because you can never find a good parking spot.”

One of the problems that the construction contributes to is the traffic. Due to the fact that only one lane is open, many cars are backed up to and from SPASH. With the traffic becoming a problem, the number of students arriving late could increase by a significant amount.

Junior Colin Perlak said, “This is starting to cause me to be late to school a couple days and I can not make it to work as fast.”