Seniors intend to make memories

…and offer some advice to sophomores


The Mirror reporter

As the first month of school comes to a close, a number of seniors at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) are left thinking about both their futures and their memories here at this school.  A few seniors had thoughts about their last year at SPASH and had some advice to give to their classmates.

Noah Tolbert, senior class president, said “Senior year is the end of a journey, a journey of 13 years. I am just so happy I can spend my senior year with such great people.”

This seems to be a common thread among many seniors this year.  SPASH senior Katie Hauer said she was sad to see the end of an era. “I have a lot of events to go to with my friends and I’m thrilled to have plenty of time to spend with them. I am a bit scared and sad for the end of high school, however. I am leaving behind a familiar place filled with my friends.”

Hauer stressed the importance of enjoying the last year at SPASH. “Don’t be too hard on yourself this year. Don’t work too much. This is our last year as a kid, spend those days having fun, enjoying life. It will be gone before we know it.”

Max Hofmeister said, “Have fun, enjoy it, you know, there’s only one more year left of high school then we’re done. May as well enjoy it while you can.”

Caitriona Quirk recommended to not stress about an after high school career and to just focus on working hard. Quirk said, “Don’t get too wrapped up in the ‘now’ if things aren’t working out. There are things to look forward to. Also, university isn’t for everyone. Follow your heart, not what we are programmed to believe is what we are ‘supposed’ to do.”

Brennan Mattmiller had similar feelings. He advised other seniors to, “take it easy, it is senior year, you’ll want to have fun.”

Adriana Gay added, “Just keep at it because there’s only one year left and you don’t want to give up when graduation is so close in sight.”

Many other seniors gave the advice of not catching senioritis. Jocelyn He noted, “If you want to go to college senior year is maybe not a good time to slack off because then you won’t actually be ready for the first year of college.”

Hannah Kolarik was in agreement with He. She said, “Don’t slack off, colleges still look at your senior year, you know, it’s not like you can just do nothing this year. Take classes that challenge you.”

One thing that almost every senior interviewed had in common was anxiety about college applications. He summarized it well, saying, “I’m guessing, like some other seniors, I’m worried about college applications. They are pretty stressful and we kind of have been taught our entire lives that college determines our entire future, so it’s definitely a rough time.”

Often when seniors come back to SPASH for the last time, they notice some of the sophomores struggling. They had advice for the class of 2020 to make their high school experience better.

Hauer’s one piece of advice was to attend more SPASH events. “I really enjoyed prom. I’m not really a dancer, but spending time with friends is really what it’s about. The point is to do something. Anything. You won’t regret it.”

Kolarik felt the same way. She said, “Get involved, do sports, you can do clubs, even helping with things like the Prom Committee. It’s really fun, and you meet some amazing new people.”

Mattmiller had a piece advice as well. “I would tell a sophomore not to go out of their way to fit in with the rest of the crowd. They should just find their niche and then fitting in from there will be easy and natural.”

Tolbert has faced lots of hardship and adversity in school. However, he still encouraged sophomores to be themselves, because it helped him the end. “Ever since I was around 6, I was bullied and picked on for who I was. Nevertheless, I’m still me. Now look at me. I’m class president. I’m an award-winning actor. I did not stray from my path. Make sure you stay on yours and you’ll go farther than you could go any other way.”

Tolbert had some more poignant advice. “I remember being in your positions. Don’t forget who you are. There are those out there who would try to suppress you. But stay who you are.”