The 80/20 grading scale: Helping or hurting?


The Mirror reporter

The 80/20 grading scale became a school-wide policy in the 2016-2017 school year. 80/20 is a grading system where homework and other formative assignments are worth 20 percent of your grade leaving the remaining 80 percent to be calculated from your tests or major assignments.

The grading system is a very controversial topic. Liz Anderson, a Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) social studies teacher felt “conflicted” over the topic and has noticed that students no longer feel the need to complete their homework. She also felt it has caused students to have more test anxiety.

Ashley Crawford, a SPASH student, said, “I like 80/20. If you aren’t doing well in a class you can study really hard and bring your grade up very easily. We are also given the opportunity to retake tests which can take the edge off.’’

Student Evan Schulfer is not a fan of 80/20. Schulfer said, “it makes testing way more stressful. Also, I find myself procrastinating way more.”

Math teacher Denise Etrheim said, “I like the grading system.  It tests students on what they actually know.” Etrheim also feels that 80/20 is quite extreme and can have a harsh impact on student’s grades, making school for difficult for students.