What do secrets do to you?


The Mirror reporter

People keep secrets for different reasons. Some secrets are to keep people from being hurt or to surprise them.

In my opinion, most secrets are kept because we don’t want someone to think lower of ourselves or let others in.

Lying and secrets go hand in hand. Trying to lie and cover up whatever it is we’re keeping secret and making up story after story to keep it safe can be very stressful.

I feel that keeping certain secrets can actually affect your health. They make someone feel physically sick and detached from being social. It makes us feel like we’re alone and we have no one to talk to. According to Forbes it is better for us to confess our secrets.

Feeling like we need to keep secrets that are affecting us mentally can be scary. Wanting to tell someone but knowing that it could become a bigger issue and affect not only you but others involved makes you feel trapped. In the end, telling someone might be the right thing to do.

Friends are there to help you with things like this. There are people who volunteer at crisis centers if your secret is that serious.

Another reason we keep secrets is because we know we might hurt someone or make another angry by telling someone the secret.

Thinking it might be the right thing to tell someone about what you know could do all the wrong things. Sometimes people just don’t need to know. People think they’re helping others out and then, all of the sudden, they become the bad person and feel the sensation of guilt all over again.

Sometimes we don’t even mean for things to become a secret because we don’t feel the need to discuss it. Then another individual finds out and asks why we never told anyone.

On the other hand, we sometimes lie so people think we are better than we really are. We want people to think we’re a good person and keeping some of these secrets deceives others from thinking differently.

I think it is okay for people to keep personal secrets because we don’t want everyone to know everything about us. Sometimes we like to feel mysterious to others.