Community Partners go shopping


SPASH Highlights reporter


Members of the Community Partners group took a field trip to Appleton on Friday, Dec. 9 to shop for gifts for their families. Community Partners is an organization that creates relationships with special need students (partners) and SPASH students (mentors). Activities include lunches, hot chocolate sales and shopping trips. Attending this trip were advisers Sue Felder and Sharon Flugaur and members Annie Barnes, Tyler Glodowski, Kaylee Hintz, Sam Beyer, Hailey Marcell, Marissa Sopa, Cassie Michalski, Grace Williams, Anna Hansen, Rayna Bushey, Aaron Baker, Angus Blakeman, Terrance Hall, Shelby Finnessy, Matt Morgan, Andrew Weiler, Brooke Ullman, Mary Giese, Scott Renfert, Daniel Koch, Eric Smith, Melvin Aime, Patrick Hefferan, Lexi Ford, Jade Hoppe, Stephanie Sandahl, and Jenna Boeck. (Justin Wisinski Photo)