Career Center services for students outlined


The Mirror reporter

At this time of year seniors really have to start thinking of where they want to attend college. The decision of where they want to go and what they want to study is very important for their future.

There are many opportunities open for students whether it’s a four-year university or a tech school. Making these decisions also aren’t the easiest, but there is available help at school.

The Career Center can help with numerous topics including college applications and recommendations.

“Over the past three years the Career Center has really been evolving,” Kelsey Haelfrisch said.

The Career Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 – 3:15, and there is always staff available to help. The staff in the Career Center are Haelfrisch, an administrative assistant, Gina Jordan, a career center assistant, Ryan Kawski, the career and technical education coordinator and the director Brigitta Altmann-Austin.

There are a lot options for seniors and even juniors looking for post-secondary schooling. Workshops are available every Monday. Students are also encouraged to come in during their free time and work on Career Cruising.