Students receive upgraded laptops


The Mirror reporter

The Sentry Insurance Foundation has enabled SPASH students to get a laptop upgrade. Over the years the Dell computers were heavily used and falling into disrepair.

Many students said they like the new HP ProBook because, without CD-ROMs, it is lighter and smaller than the old laptop so backpacks are lighter and more organized. While the battery isn’t perfect, the majority also said the improvement in battery life has made it easier for them to use the new laptop. Not having to worry about weight and battery loss makes it easier to focus on getting work done. Ditching the old laptop bag has also made many students feel more positive.

Students who do not have Wi-Fi at home can receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot to take home to complete online school assignments.

The Sentry Foundation initiative initially began as a five year, $6 million program to provide Stevens Point students with up-to-date technology. In 2010 it provided roughly 1,800 students with laptops. Ben Franklin and P. J. Jacobs junior high ninth graders, SPASH, Pacelli, and St. Paul Lutheran school students are recipients of the program which also provides Smartboards, teacher training and tech support.