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Libby Chang

Libby Chang, Hour 1

When asking the majority of the students at SPASH if they want to move out of state for college, they will say yes. Libby Chang, SPASH Junior, has a different way of thinking. Born and raised in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Libby wants to move out of Stevens Point, but still stay in the state. She has a cousin at UW Eau Claire who recommended the school because it is a good place where she can thrive and be independent. When looking at college, she is interested in the medical field, but she also has a backup plan of going into marketing or accounting. Libby likes to read after school. Her favorite books include crime novels with a growing interest in romance novels. She loves her books so much that she plans to grow her closet library into a library in her future home! After college she plans to take some time for herself and travel to Thailand. Growing up in Thai culture she knows many of the food traditions, but she wants to explore more into the language and culture. Math can be a struggle for everyone, but Libby uses a lot of resources to help her. She recommends the library for help to achieve her math goals. She used it and is very proud that it helped her get a really good grade in math when she was struggling. Excited to write her own pieces, Libby is taking this journalism class to get more writing experience.

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Libby Chang